Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I've Learned in Haiti, Part 2

  • In America, we don't need God until we feel like He is all we have left.
  • In Haiti, we need God in every moment.
  • That Satan is hard at work to stop Kingdom work.
  • That all the planning and researching we did in preparation to build a house in Haiti was not enough.
  • It is virtually impossible to build a house in Haiti if you are an American.
  • Everything cost at least 4x more here.
  • That after  8 months of struggling to build, we are still have only about 1/3 of the way in.
  • That the money that should have lasted our entire 2 years here is gone.
  • That it is very difficult to fund raise away from home.
  • That we are going to have to move home in order to raise the support we need to finish building the house that we believe God wants us to leave to GVCM for future missionary families.
  • That it is very difficult to leave these people who have become our family.
  • That it is heart wrenching to leave Jeff & Lovelie.

So basically, after much prayer and wise counsel we have made the tough decision to move back to Texas and begin trying to raise more money. Which I personally hate to do, but it seems to be necessary as self supported missionaries.  I must humble myself and pray against my sinful pride.  Our move back to Texas has nothing to do with our comfort or discomfort. It is simply incredibly expensive to do anything as an American here.  We ask for your prayers as we make another huge change for family and prayers for our girls, who we hate to leave.  One bit of good news is that our attorney has said that our adoptions could be finalized as soon as October!  Praise God!

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